अमृत इस्टेट डेव्हलपर २००७ पासून पश्चिम महाराष्ट्र म्हणजे सांगलीतून सुरुवात झाली. ह्या मध्ये गेली १९८६ पासून अनुभवी असे सल्लागार असलेले Mr.S.R.Deshpande साहेब आणि Mr.Vasant Korvi सर आणि श्री.संभाजी पुजारी सर असे अनुभवी मार्गदर्शक आहेत, ज्यांचा अनुभव ३५ वर्षांपासून आहे आणि विश्वासाहर्ता आहे.

आम्ही या अनुभवातून Sangli, Kupwad, Miraj, Pune आणि Mumbai व Ganpatipule (Kokan) ह्या ठिकाणी प्लॉटिंग ची आणि construction project ची कामे कमी खर्चामध्ये मजबूत बांधकाम आणि कमी वेळेत खात्रीशील करून देत आहोत

आमची अपार्टमेंट्स / बंगलो / आणि इतर सर्व construction बांधणीसाठी अनुभवी इंजिनिर्स ची टीम उपलब्ध

Our Company

Who We Are

Global Presence

In Sangli alone, the Amrut Developer has delivered a staggering 200 homes, close to 50 lac sq. ft. of happiness and joy. Spread across 50+ properties, Amrut Developer still maintains excellent relationships with each homeowner. Amrut Developer has been inspired by its customers since inception. Listening to customers, analysing their pain points and creating spaces that address the same is what makes us stand apart from the rest.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Amrut Developers has introduced a customer care department for addressing any issues faced by a customer through a single window system.

The growth and popularity of Amrut Developer has necessitated the formation of this department as a crucial liaison between the customer and the management. Our aim is to make it a pleasant experience for the residents who have bought properties at our projects, as well as tenants.

Our Vision

  • To ensure the highest levels of customer satifaction and delight.
  • To consistently deliver innovative solutions to ever-evolving customer needs.
  • To continue our promise of timely delivery and design excellence.
  • To find inspiration amongst our customers to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Our Mission

Providing shelter to all the people from different walks of life. To make a difference to the way people live while adhering to the highest traditions of quality construction and perfect destination and investment in REAL ESTATE.

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